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Airbus 319 A319 aircraft aviation performance data

Part of the A320 twin-engine, single-aisle, narrow-body plane. The A319ceo is used for short-to-medium-haul flights of up to 6950km (4318mi). Like some other members of the A320 family, the A319 uses Sharklets wingtip devices which, according to Airbus, offer "a 15 per cent lower fuel burn, reduced emissions, increased range and payload, better take-off performance and rate-of-climb, higher optimum altitude and reduced engine maintenance costs." (Airbus)


The A319 uses either the CFM International CFM56 engine or International Aero Engines V2500. (Skybrary) It first took flight on August 25th, 1995 in Hamburg, Germany. (Airways Magazine)

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