Welcome to our new website. It has been a long time coming, and, is still a “work in progress” as we are a Not For Profit organization with volunteered time of the Board and supporters, with no permanent staff. We hope you will visit the new site often, and, keep the URL on your “favorites” list of your browser. The renewed purpose of this resource will be to inform and educate our communities on current issues, and, to provide resources on a broad range of current information regarding local transportation issues, particularly that of commercial air operations which have impacted this area in both positive and negative ways, for decades.

Content will be added and deleted on a frequent basis, and for those who “opt in”, notices will be sent alerting that updated information has been loaded. Your comments are welcome. Send notes or messages to our email address noted on this site.


As a signatory to the John Wayne Airport Settlement Agreement, the Airport Working Group (AWG) has the legal authority and therefore the responsibility to advocate for our rights by defending and enforcing the Agreement and to work towards ensuring its continuation in perpetuity for the benefit of Orange County.

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